Chard celebrates 25th; Announces changes to Executive Management Team

Marking the company’s 25th anniversary, Chard Development today announced that effective immediately, David Chard will assume the role of Executive Director & Founder. Byron Chard has taken on the position of President & CEO.

For over 25 years through Dave Chard’s leadership, Chard Development has grown rom a full-service development consulting practice into a merchant developer with over 1.3 million square feet of residential and commercial development completed. To date, Chard has delivered over 800 homes to residents of Vancouver and Victoria with almost 600 more currently under construction.

Formerly Chard’s Chief Financial Officer, Byron will assume full responsibility for the day-to-day operation and management of Chard Development. Dave Chard expresses great confidence about the company’s future under Byron’s stewardship.

“Since joining Chard Development in 2014, Byron has demonstrated a commitment to strategic growth, diversification, and leadership,” said Dave Chard. “Under his dedicated guidance, Chard Development will more than double its portfolio of completed commercial and residential development by 2021.”

In his new role as Executive Director & Founder, Dave Chard will provide strategic direction, mentorship and corporate guidance to Byron and the Chard team.

“Under Dave’s strong leadership, the company has established a high-performance culture grounded in mutual respect and ethical development; a loyal team of partners, trades and consultants; and a reputation for standards that exceed the ordinary,” said Byron Chard. “With his ongoing support, I look forward to continuing to grow Chard with the same high standards and commitment to integrity established by Dave.”

With a diverse portfolio of upcoming development projects and a supportive base of investors, consultants and talented staff, Chard Development is well positioned to embrace the next 25 years.