New project proposed for UVic Properties’ Ducks Building on Broad Street

During a Community Association Land Use Committee (CALUC) meeting hosted by the Downtown Residents’ Association on Tuesday, May 14th in Victoria, Chard Development along with partner UVic Properties shared a new proposal for UVic’s Broad Street properties.

The new proposal would see a hotel development that incorporates the heritage elements of the existing Duck’s Building with modern improvements to contribute to the revitalization and vibrancy of  Old Town. The project follows an earlier proposal in 2017 for condominiums and rental housing which was reevaluated and altered as a result of community feedback.

“Since the last proposal, we have talked with various groups and individuals and worked with Chard Development to consider a suitable and financially beneficial plan that also respects the legacy of Michael Williams,” said Peter Kuran, CEO and president of UVic Properties, a separate legal entity that manages the university’s non-academic properties.

The properties, 1306-1324 Broad St and 615-625 Johnson St., are part of the late Michael Williams’ bequest to UVic to provide the university with ongoing financial returns to support academic programming, student services and supports. Williams was widely respected as a business man, heritage conservationist and developer, as well as a supporter of cultural and community organizations. UVic Properties will continue to retain ownership of the property under the new proposal through a long-term lease agreement.

Chard’s proposal for a hotel responds to a need for increased accommodation in the downtown core and would facilitate increased economic growth in the region, including tourism revenue, new construction and hospitality positions. The proposed renovation of the Duck’s Building, built in 1892, retains the building’s exterior walls, and the hotel use provides an opportunity to highlight the heritage character of the property.

The project is in its early stages. Feedback from the May 14th CALUC, as well as from other stakeholders, will be considered before a rezoning and development permit application is submitted to the City of Victoria.