Ellsworth Homeowner Extended Warranty

A little protection can go along way and if any Ellsworth homeowners are interested in purchasing extended warranties for their appliances, there is an opportunity directly through the supplier, Midland Appliance.

Extended warranties can be purchased at any point during the manufacturer’s warranty period, which is normally the first year of possession. However, due to the time it takes to gather all the required information, homeowners should purchase the policy within the first 11 months of possession.

Below is some helpful information to consider before purchasing extended warranties:

  • The extended warranty will provide an additional 4 years of coverage once the manufacturers 1 year or 2 year warranty has finished. The extended warranty may be purchase up to 11 months after the homeowner has taken legal possession of their unit.
  • The extended warranty cost will be based off the cost of the appliances which they wish to cover. The appliances must have been purchased from Midland Appliance at the same time as each other, such as the new appliances in your unit and these can be covered for one cost.
  • The extended warranty for parts and labour is provided through a third party servicer and starts as soon as the manufacturer’s warranty has finished, it is provided through Comerco and any services required during the extended service period will need to be organized directly through them.

For more information on extended warranties and contact information for Midland Appliance, log into your ‘Online Portal’ and go to ‘Documents’ where you will find a PDF called ‘Extended Warranty’.