The crane goes up at 819 Yates!

Chard Development’s largest development to date – and our first rental development – celebrated a significant milestone last week. The crane at 819 Yates in Victoria is up!

Excavation on site has been progressing steadily over the last few months. The erection of the crane signifies that excavation is nearly complete and concrete pouring will begin soon! Citified Victoria recently wrote an article about 819 Yates. You can read it HERE.

Chard was fortunate to have the process of the crane assembly caught on camera, thanks to local Victorian Corey Cartwright. Corey mounted a small camera to the top of the mobile crane (the crane that assembles the real crane) and was able to create a fantastic time lapse of the project. The video was shot over 2 full days, and included about 6,000 photographs taken every 5 seconds.

We wanted to share it with you HERE.

Chard would like to thank Corey, Kinetic Construction and Farmer Construction for their cooperation and effort for this video project. We’re thrilled with the results and look forward to seeing construction progress at 819 Yates.