Not just a hole… Yates and Vivid construction update.

While not always visible to those passing by, the Yates and Vivid construction site has been a hive of activity these past few months. Below is a quick review of the activity to date and a look at what is next to come!

  • The sub-grade foundation work has been completed for Yates on Yates, which included the installation of caissons and H-pipes.
  • Our team onsite has been digging continually with approximately 5 dump trucks making 3 visits to the site each day. Each visit results in 7 scoops of dirt and fill being removed from site. That is 105 scoops of dirt being pulled away from the site each day!
  • The site has also received its first pour of concrete, allowing us to secure the base of the Yates construction crane. The crane will be fully installed and operational by the end of July.

Stay tuned for more updates on the construction of The Yates on Yates and Vivid.