Meet Senior Vice President of Real Estate Finance, Ian Samson!

Ian joined the Chard team over 2 years ago, bringing immense financial knowledge along with outstanding leadership to our team. We asked Ian some questions to get to know him better. Check them out below!⁠

What does a day in the life at Chard look like for you? 

My primary responsibility is to manage the debt financing required for our projects. This means working with every department at Chard, as well as with our professionals and finance partners. It involves a lot of phone calls, meetings, brainstorming sessions, number crunching, coffees, lunches, and presentations. I also get to head out of the office to tour our construction sites and see our projects take shape.⁠

What do you enjoy MOST about working at Chard? 

The people I get to work with. We have an exceptional group of people at Chard. They bring tremendous energy to work, are creative, and very talented. Everyone is pulling in the same direction and there is a “can-do” attitude, this feeling is contagious and creates a great work environment. I also get to work closely with many really great finance partners – these are relationships that I truly enjoy. ⁠

Can you share a career highlight or accomplishment you’re proud of?  

While every financing we do is an achievement, I really enjoy arranging construction financing for our projects. It’s at this point that the project takes life and work commences on site. The recent construction financing of The Cascades project means we are building close to 600 much needed homes. This gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

How are you challenged in your role? 

The every-changing economic environment means we are always having to evolve our financing program.  This brings challenges but also presents opportunities to be creative and to work closely with our finance partners.  Its exciting to work out a solution together.  It also means I’m always learning, which I enjoy.

When you’re not working, what can we find you doing ?

We are an active family, skiing, boating, hiking and spending time together. We also have two dogs that keep us very busy.

What is a fun fact about you?  

I put myself through university working for a contractor, building cabins at the lake where I spent my summers and I still love to build.  One of my favourite projects was a “bunky” I built for our kids at our place on Savary Island. I built the structure in the driveway at home and then trucked it up to our cabin where I assembled it. The kids love to hang out in it!⁠