The Structure at 2735 E Hastings Makes Its Way Above Ground, 70 Rental Homes on the Way!

Construction at Slocan and Hastings

Located on the northeast corner of Slocan and East Hastings Streets, this development will make way for 70 brand new, much needed rental homes in the vibrant Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood. Construction commenced earlier this Spring and the site has seen lots of exciting activity since. Following the demolition of the existing two-storey building, shoring, and the foundation work that happened throughout the spring and summer months, the building has now risen above the ground level!

In May, we saw the installation of the crane on site and since then rapid progress has been made on the below grade concrete works! With underground parkade now complete, the majority of the building’s first level of suspended slab has been poured, as well as most of the vertical columns that support both the first and second levels of the building. In the coming months, we are looking forward to the installation of our permanent water service, completion of the parkade ramp and level 2 formwork and concrete shoring.

In addition to the new homes this development will add to the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood, the street level will be animated by the commercial space along E Hastings Street, with a corner space designed to accommodate a restaurant or café tenant. Residents will also enjoy a central courtyard, rooftop terrace and multi-use amenity space.